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Jay Chou buys Batmobile from Pavilion KL

Jay Chou, the Taiwanese singer and actor, who even had appeared in a Hollywood film "The Green Hornet" with Seth Rogen and Cameron Diaz showed off more of his love for comic book heroes by recently acquiring a Batmobile of his own to go with the one he bought in the U.S.!

A Batmobile is the famous big black supercar belonging to the DC superhero Batman. Through all the films and reboots of the superhero, the Batmobile also received different changes in its design.

The Batmobile design type Jay Chou is particularly keen on is the supercar in Tim Burton's "Batman" films back in 1989.

Chou (standing) posing with his Batmobile.

Chou, who arrived in Malaysia on 4 January for a three-day commercial shoot, reportedly had his eyes on a Batmobile that was exhibited in one of the shops in a Pavilion shopping mall in Kuala Lumpur.

According to a source, Chou had visited the Pavilion twice to persuade the manager to sell him the reproduced model of the Batmobile. It was also reported that the owner has agreed to sell the vehicle to him despite the fact that it cannot be driven.

Chou's 'Batmobile'.
Chau during his trip in Pavilion mall, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Chou even made a music video with his precious item called "Superman Can't Fly".

The original 'Chou' car with "Batman" director Tim Burton and car designer Anton Furst.

The design's pretty slick.
Furst's sketches.
Chou as Kato with Seth Rogen as The Green Hornet.

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